1) What is BETROX?
Betrox is the brand of cement furniture of very low weight.

2) Which is the composition of a BETROX furniture?
A piece of Betrox furniture or Betrox countertop are based on a micro-concrete panel of just 13 mm thick. Its composition of cement and quartz grants high strength and moisture resistance.

3) Can BETROX be used in outdoors?
Yes, thanks to its composition, Betrox furniture can perfectly resist indoor and outdoor use.

4) Is BETROX furniture very heavy?
BETROX furniture is much more lighter than other traditional concrete furniture.

5) Is BETROX colour uniform?
BETROX colour sample is referential. Due to the cement hardens natural process, each BETROX piece gets an unique tone and finish. The final colour of each product can suffer variations compared to the ones in this chart.

6) BETROX loses its color?
BETROX does not suffers alterations in color because color is embedded in its mass.

7) BETROX stain?
As long as you keep the protective layer surface BETROX panel is highly resistant to everyday products.

8) BETROX scratch?
BETROX panel scratches less than a stainless steel surface or wood or some marble or granite and the acrylic-based materials find nowadays in the market. Be aware that it can be scratched with the intensity of the cutting element is used. For this reason, please do not cut directly on the surface.

9) How should I clean a BETROX furniture?
To keep the BETROX surface clean one can use common detergents. In case of spillage, it is recommended to dry immediately with a soft clean cloth. Do not use steel wool. To maintain luster and surface sealing, use acrylic wax or furniture polish products based on silicones.

10) Is BETROX resistant to impacts?
Yes, its composition: cement + quarz, makes it highly resistant surface to impacts. In case of damage, BETROX furniture can be repaired.

11) Can I put a hot pot on a BETROX surface?
Do not put warm objects on the BETROX surfaces. We recommend using anti heat base. However, there is a risk of cracks caused by sudden temperature changes (thermal shock) which may occur BETROX as well as in other materials. To prevent damage from thermal shock, avoid placing extremely hot and frozen items while on the surface.

12) Can I place an electric or microwave ovens on a BETROX countertop?
The residential appliances and electric ovens, microwaves and toasters, do not produce enough heat to damage the BETROX surface. Temperature should be evaluated to produce industrial appliances before placing directly on a BETROX surface.

13) How to prevent further damage?
In order to prevent more serious damage, carefully follow these procedures: Avoid BETROX surface exposure to harsh chemicals, such as ink removers, acetone, abrasive cleaners or concentrates, etc.. In case of contact, remove excess product with a paper towel or damp cloth and quickly rinse the surface with water.
* Avoid thermal shock.
* In case of damage or need polishing BETROX consult an authorized installer.

14) Can BETROX panels be used in floors and baseboards?
BETROX panel are highly resistant to be used as flooring or sockets.

15) Can I use BETROX for wall cladding?
Yes BETROX panel can be used to coat an entire wall (can be glued directly on tiles or ceramic) or a section thereof.

16) How BETROX panel is fixed on the wall?
BETROX panel can be glued or screwed to the wall, depending on the size of the panel to place and final aesthetic you want to achieve.

17) Which are the BETROX panel dimensions?
Betrox panels are made of 1.40 x 2.70 m and 13 mm thick.